Shop Talk – Noor LED Jacket

Byline: aniSh, Images by Noor America

Visibility is one of the most important thing to urban cyclists. There are multiple solutions to this problem out in the market and we have explored a few of them here already. But when we found out the LED jackets from NOOR America which have over 250 LEDs, turn signals, detachable sleeves, reflective from every direction, phone charging option and 6 pockets we just had to dissect the jacket for our readers.

The jacket is made of some seriously high quality making it lightweight and durable. It’s a jacket, so having it waterproof was really important and the material allows that. With all these features, the jacket is bound to be in constant use and can get dirty soon. The jacket is machine washable despite the LED strips and is a delight to own.


The jacket has five utility pockets and one more for the battery compartment. The battery can last for up to 12 hours  and can also be used to charge your phone while on the go. It is all the things that a regular jacket can be and so much more with the added visibility it offers. The jacket makes you more visible than most car lights will and when the jacket lights are turned off, the reflective strips take over and still keep you visible.

But what caught our attention the most is the turn signals option at the back which is controlled via a remote control that can be attached to the bicycle handlebar. The design of the jacket is very edgy and sporty and mostly seems to derive inspiration from motocross jerseys making a cyclist look equally menacing while out on the streets.

The Noor America jacket is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to gain crowd funding for mass production.


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