Young Turk – Nagaraj Harsha

We have been tracking 25 year old Bengaluru boy Nagaraj Harsha and his Randonneuring for some time now. He comes from the corporate world and has many endurance race victories and positions under his belt.


Nagaraj got hooked on to Endurance sports in the year 2011. He completed his first triathlon event in the year 2012 at the age of 21. Nagaraj is the 5th place finisher at the Ironman half 70.3 Sri Lanka in the 18-24yrs category and currently has 3 Ironman world championship finishes on his plate. Till date, he has competed in 4 International Triathlons, 1 National triathlon and numerous discipline specific endurance events and has shown great promise during all the events. Nagaraj also holds the “Super Randonneur” title by completing the 200kms, 300kms, 60kms, 400kms and 600km brevets.


Following his progress closely, SCOTT Sports India has signed up Pro Athlete Nagaraj Harsha under the SCOTT Sponsored Athlete Program. Armed with a list of successes and goals, Nagaraj is the first athlete under this program and will be competing under the SCOTT wing. As a ‘SCOTT Athlete” Nagaraj will be training extensively for triathlons and will be fully exploring his potential in the sport to break new barriers.  Till date Nagaraj has achieved exceptional results by serious training and he will continue to vie for the top step of triathlon’s most prestigious podiums. Both SCOTT and Nagaraj are extremely excited about this association!


Owing to his association with SCOTT, he will be on the all NEW Plasma 20, which, with its Plasma 4 frame, boasts of extremely aerodynamic characteristics.  It features next level adjustability; integration and an option to mount a storage box which can come in handy for the rider to store nutrition. Besides the bike, SCOTT will equip Nagaraj with the Arx Plus helmet, the SCOTT Team bikewear wear line and SYNCROS accessories.


Crank congratulates Nagaraj on this milestone and wishes him luck to make the most of this association.

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