22nd Asian MTB Championship at Bangkok, Thailand

Asian MTB Championship
Asian MTB Championship

The UCI approved Asian MTB Championship was held in Bangkok, Thailand between 6th and 8th May, 2016. The championship has races in the categories of Downhill, Cross Country Eliminator and Croos Country. The races were held in the Chai Nat province on two separate hill tracks. Khao Phlong hosts the Downhill competition and Khao Khayai is where the Cross Country competitions were held.

Participants from 20 countries were competing at this continental level championship. For the first time ever, athletes of Indian Mountain Biking team took part in the Asian MTB Championship held at Bangkok, Thailand. Cycling Federation of India supported the athletes and is proud of their achievement at the championship. The athletes that represented India are as follows.

Cross Country

Mr. K. Venkateswarlu Reddy      – Indian Army

Mr. Purna Bahadur Pradhan        – Indian Army


Mr. Nilesh Dhumal                          – Karnataka

Mr. Piyush Chavan                          – Maharashtra

This is the first time that Indian athletes have participated at a continental level and the step was taken to encourage Mountain biking in India as a sport.

The results of the championship are as follows.

Mr. Purna Bahadur Pradhan placed 28th in the Cross Country Eliminator and Mr. K. Venkateswarlu Reddy placed 29th while the race was won by Keerati Sukprasart of Thailand.

Mr. Purna Bahadur Pradhan placed 31st in the Cross Country category and Mr. K. Venkateswarlu Reddy placed 32nd while the race was won by Kohei Yamamoto of Japan.

Mr. Piyush Chavan placed 26th in the Downhill Category and Mr. Nilesh Dhumal placed 28th while the race was won by Kazuki Shimizu of Japan.

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