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Byline: Crank Tech Bureau


Scott Sports India launches its first MIPS technology enabled helmet in India, the Arx PLUS road helmet. MIPS is the new generation of helmet technology. It is a global standard followed in the manufacturing of bicycle and motorcycle helmets alike.

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It is quite genius a technology. It derives its design philosophy from how the brain is naturally protected inside the skull. The human brain is suspended in a low friction cerebral fluid which allows it to slide within the skull during an impact. Helmets equipped with MIPS technology are intended to and able to protect your brain against the rotational shock caused by angled impacts by using a low friction layer that minimizes the rotational violence transferred to the brain.


Essentially, it works like wearing two helmets. One stays put on your head, the other is on top of the first helmet, they are attached to each other via flexible anchors that let both layers move around. At the point of impact the MIPS Low Friction Layer moves relative to the helmet, independent of impact direction, significantly reducing the rotational violence to the brain.

The Arx PLUS was a helmet waiting to happen. With years of proprietary refinement in helmet technology, SCOTT has now integrated the MIPS technology into the helmet making their range of protective gear that much more safe and reliable. The other technologies that you will find in a Scott helmet like the Optimized venting system, the polycarbonate in-mould construction, reflective design patterns and the MRAS2 adjustable fitment technology in the Arx PLUS.

The Arx PLUS with MIPS technology is available in two colours yellow/black and red/black and it priced at around Rs. 8,100/- and makes for one of the most reliable and safe helmets for professional and enthusiast riders.

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