The Long Road – Yogachakra Cyclothon

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Happiness is important in everybody’s lives. And if you just think about it, it is not that difficult to include it into your life. Given the current urban lifestyles that many follow, happiness can be as simple as disconnecting from the humdrum. For most people a hobby brings happiness, for some others, spending time with their families. However, it becomes really important to try and stay happy for without that all our efforts in life go in vain.


Engaging in relaxing activities like exercise, meditation and yoga play a vital role in calming the mind and body. And not taking the effort to calm your mind and body can lead to a lot of stress and even depression. Dr Bharat Thakur, Renowned Himalayan Yogi and founder of Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga set out on a mission to propagate this very idea along with the solution for it, Yoga. His main aim was to take yoga to the rural India. To show how emissions can be reduced if people took to cycling as a way of life where ever possible. And to convey the message of peace and harmony in very divisive times where people are very agitated world over.


To spread these messages, he chose to do it in a manner where it could be thoroughly assimilated and therefore cycled from Kathmandu to Kanyakumari. And in this journey he was joined by Mr. Raja Sekhar who is a Real Estate Developer, Managing Director of SLN Developers and  PMS Developers, Mr. Ravi Seshadri: Yoga teacher and General Manager with Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga and Mr. Gaurav Balian: General Manager, BT Fresh Farms. Together they set out on a 5100kms ride on February 14, 2016 and concluded on 2 May, 2016.


The riders all being thorough Yoga practitioners did not see the need for any special training and were on their way within 48 hours of deciding to do this trip. They got their gear together with appropriate day and night riding clothing, lights, safety gear, spares and cycle computers to track our daily progress. The riders were doing something of this magnitude for the first time and ensured that they rode only around a 100kms per day and would pay keen attention to what their bodies were telling them and take rest stops accordingly. To be sure on their first long distance ride, they included a support van with a cook, provision, tents, nutritional supplements, a physiotherapist, a cycle technician and a photographer.


Every city they visited welcomed them. Many presentations were given at schools, live demonstrations and the magic of Dr. Thakur’s message and motivation was spread to the audience everywhere. The talks revolved around the concept of To prove to oneself that with such busy lives we can still take out ‘me time’. And to show people at large that an individual can make a difference even to a huge problem such as global warming. A simple step of choosing cycling a way of life,  has shown to reduce emissions by 30% according to recent study.


Cyclists were a large number of the participants at these talks and they shared many cycling tips for their journey. “Bharatji, who led the team ensured we did not ride in sickness and exhaustion and remained positive through teamwork and bonding. We joked a lot and mingled with people wherever we went. The soul curry was abundant. We were on a constant high. Bharatji is a great team builder, motivator and has an ability to connect with strangers and we all lived in this positive bubble and the ride turned out to be one of a lifetime- a happy one.”-Says Ravi Seshadri, one of the riders.


The convoy’s intentions gained much support from the authorities too and were welcomed and escorted at many of their stops. Dr. Thakur and his team intend to scale up this ride in the time to come and possibly traverse the European continent with their message of healthy living and that the power of change lies in each individual.


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