Workbay Watch – Should you upgrade to road pedals?


Yes. Yes you should. Especially if you are on a road bike and are using platform or flat pedals that it came with. If you think, you are not ready for ”road pedal equipped riding” and if you have a road bike, believe me you are ready.


The aim of road pedals is predominantly optimal power transfer with a lot of other added advantages like improved bike control, safer riding and of course weight reduction

Upgrading to road pedals consist of three components, one is a riding shoe, second is the pedal itself and the third is the cleat that brings these two components together


Every manufacturer has their own proprietary devices for their road pedal system to work revolving around the fundamental concept that your feet are firmly attached to the pedals. The cost factor varies on the material and technology implemented in to the system and you should be willing to invest anything starting from Rs. 6000/- to Rs. 8000/- for a basic set up. The pro-am setups like the Shimano 105 will set you back by around Rs. 8000/- for the pedals alone. Looking further higher on the ladder with titanium spindles and carbon pedal parts, the sky is the limit for the costs of the parts and the derived performance also sky rockets.


Upgrading to a road pedal system gives you more points of contact with your bicycle and therefore gives you better feedback from it and also lets you dictate more to the bike in terms of cornering and control of the bicycle during descends. This ‘attachment’ so to speak of the rider with the bicycle is what allows for maximum power output through minimal power loss around the shoes and the pedal. It also prevents the dreaded shoe slip and successful shin injury that boring platform pedals are characteristic of


In all this praising of road pedals, you might be hiding the intimidation that comes about by being attached to your bicycle. I was too, when I was first considering road pedals. But sufficient practice and a little bit extra can make it one the most safest ways to be on a bicycle. It will even show benefits in stop and go commuter traffic. But, mind you, only with sufficient practice and by making mounting and specially dismounting from the pedals a second nature.

I can tell you that if you are on a road bike, you should confidently climb onto clip less road pedals. Choosing which system will offer you exactly what you need is up to you and a LBS is the first place to stop by for checking out what is on offer

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