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In our active section we bring to you Hot Air Ballooning


“Sky above, earth below, fire within” correctly said about those beautiful and astounding hot air balloons

Ballooning though considered a leisure activity is also a serious active sport. Serious balloonists in fact consider it up there with active sports like mountain biking and skiing. There are duration races like our time trials, mass start races, speed races and even terrain races like ballooning over oceans or deserts. Those who have done it have told CRANK that ballooning gives a serious adrenaline rush like no other


Ballooning has come a long way since Brothers Montgolfier, Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne first invented it. Their first experimental live payload was bunch of sheep a duck and a rooster. Then followed the first manned voyage that lasted about 25 minutes covering 7 kilometers. And that when the journey began. Today ballooning is a safe active hobby. You will need an aviation license just like that of a pilot who is qualified to do the job

The fancy looking modern hot air balloons are actually made of materials such as ripstop nylon or polyester. The fabric generally is coated with a sealer silicone or polyurethane to avoid air permeability.  The top roof is ventilated so that it can be controlled enabling the pilot to release hot air to regulate balloon movement. The burner unit gasifies liquid propane, mixes it with air, ignites the mixture, and directs the flame and exhaust into the mouth of the envelope. Propane fuel tanks are usually cylindrical metal pressure vessels.


A balloon also has array of gadgets assisting in flight.  These commonly include an altimeter, a rate of climb indicator indicating envelope-temperature and ambient temperature. A GPS receiver can be useful to indicate ground speed and direction.

But before you get into active ballooning as an active sport and just want to enjoy the rush close to home CRANK suggests you head to Goa and meet the folks at Tiger hot air balloons pioneering in the field of hot air ballooning. These guys will take you up to experience the wind be it for commercial activities related to brand promotions, festival or just for fun. Tiger hot air balloon safaris operating under the brand name ‘Tiger balloon camping retreats India Pvt ltd’ are authorized to operate hot air balloons all over India.


Promoted by Shri Gajendra Singh Rathore and Shri Surendra Singh Rakhawat, chartered accountants and engaged in this practice for 15 years and they also have exhaustive experience in the field of wildlife tourism. Members of the British balloon and Airship club and Balloon federation of America,  Tiger Balloon Safaris has successfully completed more than five years of commercial operations with more than five thousand  highly satisfied passengers that have carried back memories of a lifetime. As the operation demands, balloons are sourced from the best manufactures in the world and operations are supported by skilled technical crew as per global aviation standards. Importantly, compliance with internationally accepted norms like insurance of crew, passengers and equipment makes it more special

The commercial air balloon flights of Tiger Hot Air Balloon Safaris are approved by DGCA (direct general of civil aviation). There is nothing quite like the uplifting sensation of a balloon ride. The gentle sway of the balloon borne upon the winds, with a panorama, a bird’s eye view of the surroundings is an amazing experience. The 360 degree field of vision and the weightless sensation of being lifted off your feet up to heights of 2500 feet, can only be experienced in a hot air balloon.

Goa Tourism, Government of Goa have always taken initiatives to promote new tourism products and adventure sports in the state of Goa and has solely partnered with Tiger Balloon Safaris, for operating Hot Air Balloon flights in the state of Goa.

Next time you think of a special moment or a family ride, think of the Tiger hot air balloon safari for customized flights. In near future unique flights such as ballooning over Bhangarh ruins, over Nimrana fort palace or Amer fort is on cards.

One thing is true in case of ballooning “You get carried away”! You can contact them on

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