Nashik Cyclists Foundation

Nashik the wine capital of India is blessed with beautiful weather just like Bangalore and Pune and it is no surprise that cycling is picking up fast and furious here. Leading this from the front are the folks from the Nashik Cyclists Foundation, the cities leading amateur riding club


The foundation started its activity just like any other club of the country by the coming together of like-minded cyclists in 2012

What CRANK finds truly distinctive is the superlatively organized manner in which this club goes around promoting cycling. To start with, there is a proper organization structure with office bearers and committees with clearly defined roles and responsibilities with a formal communication process. It is indeed like a smoothly running large organization. There are over 1500 registered members. The foundation has an advisory board made of leading cyclists, civic bodies, civil society members and elected representatives who together uphold the cyclist’s interest in Nashik and push for urban infrastructure like cycling lanes, parking and other facilities


At an operating level there are committees responsible for organizing amateur and professional events, training programs for young riders, technical and statutory assistance to assist riders wanting to participate in official events and a lot more. They even have a serious social media presence with an app on its way. It is simply amazing the way they are organized

CRANK connected with the foundation president Mr.Jaspal Singh Virdi. We congratulated him for all the achievements and he like a true leader shared the credit with the vast team especially Shrikant Joshi, Vice president and Sandeep Jadhav the foundations secretary


The list of initiatives and events are honestly far too many to cover. Besides routine events the foundation organizes several signature rides like the Nashik-Pandharpur and Nashik-Shirdi and even international rides like Budapest-Vienna

The stated objective of the foundation is to make Nashik the cycling capital of the country. And the manner in which they are going about, CRANK is confident that achieving this is just a matter of time. We wont be surprised if they edge out cities like Bangalore and Pune that informally occupy this position

One thing you must do if you are a cyclist. You must connect with Mr.Virdi and his team when in Nashik. They would be happy to welcome you

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