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CRANK is always happy to profile amateur riders who have taken to cycling and are doing their bit to expand our community. In this issue we profile Eva, fifty two year young, working professional and mother of two. Origianlly from Shillong and currently based in Ahmedabad


Eva’s cycling story is particularly inspiring as she started late. Never really into serious sport, Eva  got into cycling only two years ago and has taken to it as fish takes to water. She began with running then graduated to ultra and trail running and then onto cycling. She is now a recognised face and a regular particpant in duathlons and traithlons where she has podium finishes to her credit. Additionally, Eva has partcipated in several individual time trial events and cyclothons like Ahmedabad Cyclothon 2016, the Polo Impossible Race and the Tour of Aravallis 2016 where she finished on the podium.


Cycling for her is more than a sport says Eva. “It is zen at times. Just the wind in your face, nature, the road and stillness. Just you and the moment. At other times, it is adrenaline coursing through your veins and your legs on fire. It is sharing laughter and a cuppa tea with fellow cyclists, making friends with strangers, sights and smells, stories…”  She started out as a runner. Following a series of injuries and downtime, she took to cycling. Started out with an MTB and leisure riding. Things changed when she got a road bike a year ago and discovered the fun of cycling and the thrill of speed. In terms of endorphin rush and challenge, running pips cycling. But when it comes to fun and freedom, nothing like cycling. “Its the closest i come to feeling like a bird in flight…” Says Eva


Currently Eva has has set her sight on half ironman distance triathlon in December at Chennai  followed by the Half Ironman Malaysia or may be even full ironman and is putting in some focussed training. Besides regular running, cycling and swimming, she incorporates yoga, strength and circuit training in her routine. She also uses free weights, kettle bells, exercise ball and foam rolling. Attention to proper sleep, recovery and nutrition are key factors in her training. Now that’s some serious routine


Eva’s ride is a Felt ZW95 alloy frame, with 105 groupset. Fondly named Daisyben in keeping with the Amdavadi spirit. She changed from compact with 170 crank to a sub-compact with 165 crank for the tour of Aravilli and it made a HUGE difference and even gave her the podium. Pedalling required lesser effort and was smoother. “I had no idea crank length would be so crucial. Also, the Profile Design Fast Forward carbon seat post, enabled me to get a better bike fit, in terms of forward offset, given my petite frame. I did the bike fit myself, trial and error and listening to how the body felt each time I rode”

She sums up her story of cycling by saying  “Cycling is like life. If you stop, you will lose your balance and fall. Just keep going”

Way to go Eva. CRANK wishes you all the best. Keep riding and kjeep inspiring and keep us posted of your exploits. We are certain many more will get on to wheels after reading your story

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