Slacklining and Highlining

This time we bring to a very unique and a relatively unknown new sport that is catching up in some parts of the world

Slacklining became an international sport, highly popular in Europe and US, but is still unknown to most Indians. Every year competitions happen in many countries and there is even a world cup. Earlier this year India’s first slacklining championship happened in Chennai.


Slacklining and highlining involves walking or balancing over a flat webbing anchored at two ends. Slacklining is done at low levels at 4-5 feet above ground whereas highlining can go real high even between two mountains or buildings. You can graduate from slacklining to highlining as you gain expertise and control

Seems relatively simple but the sport is both tricky and fun. Its different from tight rope walking which has been round for some time now . Its more versatile one can do several variations. Performing a good slacklining maneuver is like yoga. Besides a strong core, there is much focus required and it has an indirect impact even on your mental stability


Rohit Vartak is perhaps India’s first highliner. He is a pioneer and has encouraged many to take up this fun sport. He has done highlining amongst high mountains peaks of the Sahyadris like the dukes note. Walking at those altitudes on 1 inch tape can be scary and is not for the mean hearted. Of course there are safety precautions and harness to arrest a fall if there was one

If you wish to try you can get in touch with Rohit at . Believe us it seems simple but it is tricky and great fun especially on your office outings



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