Thiru Peter Van Geit & The Chennai Trekkers Club (CTC)

Difficult and unachivable is conventionLet the name not mislead the biking tribe. Although called a trekkers club the CTC is a multi disciplinary adventure club that is involved in trekking, open water swimming, cycling, adventure trails and much more. An entirely volunteer driven organization the club boasts of a massive membership of 35000 committed members who plan activities around common interest group. It is a superbly functioning well-oiled organization

Belgian born software engineer and now a Chennai native, Peter, started the CTC. An avid nature enthusiast and an outdoor bum Peter is a much recognized and much loved personality of Chennai. Besides spending majority of his free time in adventure activities like trail running, open water swimming, jungle hikes, participating in ultra runs and biking competitions, Peter is the go to man for anyone who wants to experience outdoor or learn any discipline. Peter has especially inspired several people who wanted to get into Triathlons

The Chennai Triathlon is a flagship event of the CTC. It is perhaps the most reasonably prized events in terms of race fees. You can participate in four categories, Olympic, half ironman, ¾ ironman and full iron man and for more detailed info on the race log on to

Peter has a high social consciousness quotient and that rubs off on CTC as well.  He believes “At some stage it is important to determine the ecological capacity of our habitat to meet the growing demands of our planet” CTC is therefore involved in several activities like the coastal cleanup, blood donation, sensitizing people on the growing garbage footprint and Peter leads from the front. The CTC did yeoman service during the Chennai floods last year

Looping back to Peters outdoor pursuits, for the past 2 years Peter has organized open water swimming practice sessions in quarries on the outskirts of Chennai and in open seas, all for acquainting people with the trying requirements during triathlons. He usually participates in two large events every year. He has cycled 1000 km from Shimla to Leh and a 600 km cycle tour in the mountains of central Srilanka. Last year, he ran 600 km in Spiti valley, 500 km in Pangivalley from Kashmir to Rohtang. This year he undertook the 800 km cycle tour in Vietnam and a self-supported 500 km run through Zanskar

A most interesting personality with interesting pursuits; that is Peter. This is CRANKS second encounter with Peter after two years. During this time the CTC has grown into a much appreciated socially conscious outdoor activity club. With 35K members it may well be the largest volunteer driven amateur club in the country. We wish both CTC and Peter all the very best for future.

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