Write up of 69th National Track Cycling Championship

Awards69th Senior, 46th Junior and 32nd Sub-Junior National Track Cycling Championship held at Trivandrum, Kerala from 21st to 25th Dec. 2016, whereby 540 numbers of Men & Women Cyclists from 21 States & department took part in a very keenly consented competition.The LNCPE cycling velodrome at Trivandrum, witnessed some spectacular cycling extravaganza for this festive season of Christmas. For the first time in the history of Cycling sport in India, a National event witnessed a record breaking performance by Indian riders breaking all barriers of the history of cycling. The sports in the Country took a huge leap to establish new records in almost all the age groups i.e. Junior boys, girls & sub jr. boys & girls including youth.

While, 20 National records were broken in all during the championships, it has also been marked that sub-junior rider from Andaman & Nicobar, Mr. Esow, clocked best sprinters time almost equally to Elite men riders.

Kerala won overall National Championship with 91 points, while Maharashtra achieved runners up position with 56 points.

Mr. Sanu Raj Pof SSCB was declared best cyclist of the championship in men category and Ms. Deborah Herold of A & N was best riders in female category. The following teams won National Championships in various category during the championship:


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