Love is in the air……. and also on wheels

Love is a beautiful thing!!!Love of the bike to love on the bike, Crank brings to you the stories of 5 couples this Valentine, from different walks of life, who mixed their love of the wheel with the love of their lives and it was magical!!

Shivani & Naresh Gupta

For Shivani & Naresh Gupta from Ghatkopar, a young couple, much in love, the journey on the two wheels started unexpectedly when they signed up for a cycling expedition to the Thar Desert with YHAI (Youth Hostels Association of India). They just signed up out of curiosity and have never looked back. They followed this tour up with the marquee Manali- Leh bicycling tour and made some unforgettable memories together. Twice in the tour they had situations where one was on a verge of giving up and the other motivated to keep going and in this process they learnt that the mind is mightier than the body and discovered the true power of love and togetherness, both for the sport & each other.

“We have learnt more about each other because of the time we get to spend outside the home environment; witnessed the highs and lows at individual level which eventually made us more sensitive towards each other. To all those couple out there, we would highly encourage you to at least pursue one hobby together, it would add so much more to your relationship!”

The couple now plans to get into endurance rides and debut their brevet journey in 2017!

Jayanti & Anand Arvind are the typical corporate couple settled in Hyderabad. While Jayanti has been with Microsoft for 17 years, Anand is the Products guy

Jayanti & Anand Arvind
Jayanti & Anand Arvind

in a startup. Jayanti has been cycling since childhood, Anand got into it on her prodding, recently. They have done a few long tours recently and got both their boys to ride with them as well. They feel that they have bonded well over the rides and are all set to spend more time on the wheels enjoying and motivating each other, what a healthy way to discover Love!!!

V3Sapna & Arvind Dimri stay in Gurgaon, while Sapna is the Principal of The Shri Ram School, Arvind heads the regional training portfolio for Tata Docomo and they have been riding together for a few years. Arvind has been riding since he was in school while Sapna’s story with the saddle has been nothing less than a romantic blockbuster. On their 24th Wedding Anniversary Arvind not only gifted her a cycle but also took her out on a ride and ever since they have been creating magic on the wheels. The story gets a little cuter from here as their next big ride was a 9 day trip to Bhutan that Sapna gifted AD (as she calls him) on his birthday. A journey that beautifully combined their passion for travelling and cycling and exploring a beautiful country and its lovely people and converted Sapna into a serious cycling enthusiast!!!

“To all the people out there who are thinking of getting on the saddle, all I can say is if we can do it so can you. So don’t just think…..get out there and ‘’Just Do It”!!

No matter the age, one must have a set of hobbies, something that enables you to spend quality time with your family in a near perfect state. Sonia & Anil Puri have spent over 30 years in the Services. Sonia is an ophthalmologist and Anil is an electrical engineer with masters in management. When the couple moved to Delhi on their deputation, what began as an exploration of Delhi’s heritage, soon became a passion to venture far and beyond on the bicycle. What attracted them to cycling was an opportunity to wean away from the confines of a living room glued to the television or the mobile and experience the freedom and togetherness with each other and nature!

In the last couple of years, the couple has done thousands of kilometers together exploring mustard fields, historical monuments in and around Delhi, snowcapped peaks along the Manali-Leh route, tasted true flavors of India straight from the desi kadhai and tawa, rode on the only 209km bicycling highway close to Agra and the list is endless!!

Anil’s dream is to cycle on a tandem across India with Sonya, and Sonya’s dreams is to visitremote villages on cycle to provide succor to people having eye problems and other medical issues. This Valentine’s day, they plan to continue the zeal to ride together and reclaim – life cycle together. They are giving serious relationship goals to any couple out there!

V5From the corporate to the services, young to the old, love strikes unexpectedly and it strikes hard. That’s the story of Pratibha & Devidas Aher of Nashik and their love story on the wheels. They started cycling about 5 years back and like young kids their initial rides were filled with absolute exhilaration. Not too much into technicalities just cycling together in an unplanned way without much support or even a backup plan. This euphoria helped them cover short distances and some destinations around Nashik in the beginning. During one such random ride through Chandanapuri Ghat at midnight, they had to take refuge on a farm which was complete madness and then the first injury happened and made the couple realize the importance of taking safety measures on the road and then came the unplanned trip that left them stranded in a jungle famous for tigers, it made them realize that having a backup plan is an imperative. But through all these experiences their bond only grew stronger and made them realize that cycling became an enabler for them to reach out to the joy of adventure and self-realization.

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