Your childs sporting future – In her genes!

Health_qua_CTC V 12.cdrWe humans have always been inquisitive about the future, from time machine to astrology all has been our relentless search of knowing the future. The latest in the race is Nutrigenomics & Sports Genomics, the science of predicting the ability of a person to excel in a particular sport based on their genes. So next time you use the phrase “it’s in my genes” you may actually be talking about Genomics!!!

This is a revolutionary breakthrough that can help parents decide what kind of sport their kid will excel in. Whether a child will do well in endurance sports (like Football, Marathon or Cycling) or whether they will be good at power sports (boxing, sprinting or weight-lifting), all this can be deduced from a simple test. The tests can then be collated to devise the perfectly customized diet, exercise and training regimen to help the child unleash his/her true potential.

These tests also helps aspiring young sportspersons perform better explaining to them various facets of their bodies’ mechanisms which are absolutely vital for sporting brilliance.The most crucial risk for any sportsperson is the risk of injury and these tests helps them to understand the risk and also the time the body will take to heal itself.

This revolutionary test panel also provides vital information regarding aerobic capacity and muscle fatigue threshold, which help the athletes to better understand his/her body’s inherent strengths and weaknesses. Targeting these areas, the nutrigenomic counsellor can devise efficient strategies for diet, exercise and training which help fuel the sportspersons body with the zeal required to excel in sports.

Though the tests are very popular among professional athletes, it is also available for hobby athletes as it helps in building performance, improving fitness, avoiding injuries etc. However, in professional athletes, the genetic recommendations plays a crucial role in improving their performance, as at professional level, every single aspect of improvement counts.

GeneSupportis a strategic joint venture between geneOmbio Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Resilient Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd. and provides a wide-range of test panel like the DNA diet plan for weight management and Sports Panel.The panels offered by GeneSupport provide specific information on your body’s system and they are also able to predict risks associated with certain lifestyle disorders.

As the SNP/ Genetic Variation profile wouldn’t change after birth on an individual these tests cab be taken at any age, though recommended for children above age of 5. The test is conducted using Blood and Saliva. And  is available at a cost of INR19,000/- and includes, genetic test, diet and exercise recommendations based on the test and also detailed Sports /Exercise genomics counseling from GeneSupport experts, after the test results are ready.

  • The team of experts at GeneSupport is led by Dr. Amol Raut, CEO and Chief R&D Consultant. He is a postgraduate and doctorate in microbiology. He is supported by Dr. R. D. Dixit, Chief Sports
    Genomics Counselorand Dr. GeetaDharmattias the Chief Nutrigenomic Counsellor of GeneSupport. 

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