Body Fuel Eat right and ride (Authored article by UNIVED on ride nutrition)

Whether you are a recreational cyclist, or an elite professional, you will find that you are peddling hard to reach a common goal – peak performance. The two main elements in this journey are training&nutrition. You may split training into work and rest. And, you may split nutrition into diet and supplements.

Achieving the right balance between these variables is likely to result in progress in your overall performance.Often people tend to focus too hard on one of the variables, while neglecting the other, thereby creating an imbalance, and hence hampering their journey towards peak performance. For instance, while training many cyclists work hard but do not give the same importance to rest. On the nutrition side, often many focus too much on supplements and not near enough on their diet. While these cyclists would still see some progress, it would not be near the progress that their individual self is capable of.

It is imperative to realise that the physiological requierements of the body are very different before, during, and after your ride. Before you start, you need a mix of simple & complex carbs for that instant & susatained energy boost, during your ride, you are sweating and losing electrolytes – so you need to get rehydrated and also added endurance, and after you’re done you need a 4:1 carb: protein ratio drink for complete system recovery.

Following a complete nutrition system – such as Unived’s RRUNN Pre-During-Post, gives you a balaned nutrition intake for your training and racing. The product line is plant-based, natural, and vegan. It is free of preservatives and unnecessary ingredients, and is light on your system.

RRUNN Pre is a blend of simple & complex carbohydrates, offering instant and sustained energy release. So unilke the crashes that you experienced with other sports drinks, the complex carbohydrate breakes down in a slower manner within the body, thereby offering a sustained energy release.

RRUNN During is an isotonic blend of simple carbohydrates, electrolytes, Sustamine for fluid uptake, and Betaine for cellular stress protection. This is a unique formulation that not only rehydrates you on the go, but also gives you added energy for endurance and helps negate the ill effects of environmental stress such as heat and humidity.

RRUNN Post is a 4:1 carbohydrate:protein ratio formulation, that offers 10g of Pea Protein Isolate with each serving. Phytonutrients such as Ashwagandha and Curcumin have been added for recovery & antioxidant properties, and all the electrolytes have also been included so your salt/water balance can be addressed.

Along with this, Unived has other supporting products such as the RRUNN Salt Capsules, RRUNN Endurance Gels, Lean Pea Protein, and other vegan vitamins & mineral products.

Supplements are an integral variable in the overall mix – if used correctly, and balanced well with the other variables, they can assist in remarkable results with respect to peak performance.

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