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For most riders, lubricating the chain may not be top priority, but using the right lube, at the right time the right way in the right quantity can actually make a huge difference in the ride quality. From no noise ride to easy shifting drivetrain to enhanced life of the chain, everything depends on this activity. We at CRANK bring you the expert advice to do it the right way.

The Three most critical variables are weather (which lube to use in what weather conditions), how clean you keep your chain and how you apply it. If the rides are mostly in wet or muddy trails, it’s a good idea to use wet chain lube, with its thicker consistency it will stick around longer even in a downpour. Similarly for arid conditions the dry lube works the bestand Performance lube is for typically race conditions with ceramic bearings. Now once you have decided what to use let’s move on to this next step.

Whether you use the wet lube or the dry one, the drivetrain should be cleaned often and the chain should be cleaned before you apply the lube. After washing your bike down take a cotton cloth to wipe the chain of any water or excess oil. Now once you have done that make sure the chain is on the highest gear at the rear and the lowest at the font so that it’s easy to whip the bike of any dirt and also if you have a disc brakes you do not contaminate it. Open the lube valve and start spinning the chain and start to apply on the below Jockey wheel at the rear derailleur do this once or twice which will make sure all parts of the chain is lubed. Our expert recommends doing this before your ride and when you wake up in the morning wipe of the excess before you get onto the saddle.

These simple and effective technique will help you have a smooth ride and your keep your chain last a little longer before you need to change them. Choosing your lube is easy if you need help do get in-touch with your local bike shop for assistance.


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