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Polo Forest of Gujarat is a world of revered temples, majestic ruins and fantastical tales that have been the object of intrigue for all those who have visited this secluded destination. In 2015, this historic land opened its doors to a new breed of thrill seekers by becoming host to The Impossible Race – Western India’s First MTB Race. CRANK has been a proud partner in promoting this race since inception and has followed its fortunes every year

The Impossible Race has emerged as one of India’s most sought after cycling event. Being avid cyclists and runners themselves, the race management team understands the urge of adventure among the cyclists, and have designed a grueling 151KM 3-Day MTB trail race and a serpentine 115K Road cycling route for the 2017 edition, both being one of the toughest trails yet.

Piercing the cheers of an overwhelming crowd, the riders began their journey on nippy 20th January morning and paddled hard across the jagged terrain of Polo’s hills that ultimately merge with the Aravali Mountain Ranges of Rajasthan. Through the dense vastness of forest, the riders navigated virtually uncharted terrain, dodging sharp rocks scattered along technical trails, while admiring the enigmatic ruins of Polo that are said to have a life of their own. To add to the challenge, the MTB segment was GPS only navigated race. But little did riders know, that without natural directional astuteness, it would be near to impossible to navigate the trails of Polo.Road Cycling event brought forth a whole different challenge for cyclists, as they rode through sharp hairpin turns and lush tree lines that cascade around the perimeter of the forest. The inner roads were the real testers here, with narrow passages that can become especially tough to navigate with bikes.

Puja Kashyap made history by becoming the event’s first Female MTB participant. Devendra Kumar clinched the first prize followed by Mattias Borg in close second and Chinglensana Thangsabam in 3rdposition.  In the Road Cycling Segment, Meherzad Iraniwon the race and Dilip ManeandSreenath Naiktook the next two positions. Pooja Chaurushi won the women’s category in Road Cycling, followed by Komal Deshmukh in second and Dipali Shildankarin third place.

The stage is now set for an even tougher, wilder, and grander 2018 edition but the question is… are you ready to Wheel the Wild?

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