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Strength & conditioning is a very crucial element in a cyclists training regime. Repetitive motions of the lower limbs during distance cycling puts a lot of stress on the lower back, knees and ankles..not to forget the role of the shoulders and arms as well. Core strength is another very important aspect.

Cyclists need extremely strong quadriceps, supported by the hamstrings, back and calf muscles. Depending on the duration and frequency of cycling the routines may alter.Front squats, overhead squats, dead lifts, box jumps and clean & press would be the ideal combination. The number of reps, frequency , load and duration would vary depending on whether one is a casual cyclist, triathlete, endurance or duration cyclists (tour de france), sprint cycling (BMX, Velodrome). The load in duration events would be around
60-70% of a persons 1 repetition max, whereas sprint events would be around 85-90%.

Equipments : Ideally barbells with weights would be most suited, but depending on convenience Kettle bells, training ropes, sand bags, TRX or even tyres can be an option. All these can augment ones training to be a more complete competitive cyclist.

Ramkrishna Ballal has 15 years in the health & fitness industry. A Certified strength & conditioning coach, conducted a certification course where we certified trainers/coaches. Business venture running a franchise fitness club and now involved in a training program for kids aged 6-16 years, developing their fundamental movements, with a mentor/guide, Sports Science specialist form the Netherlands Olympic Committee. The objective is to get kids SportFit.

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