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Furan, a flammable, highly volatile liquid with a boiling point close to room temperature! It’s also the first production mountain bike by Pune’s custom bicycle manufacturer – Psynyde Bikes.

The team at Psynyde Bikes is a mix of pro mountain bikers and expert road cyclists from India. Tinkering with bicycle components for over 17 years, they started the custom frames and performance components project around 2010. “With excellent reviews that we received from our customers who bought our hand-made frames and components, in 2015 winters we decided to take the Psynyde Bikes venture to the next level” says Vinay Menon, Co Founder

Mountain bikers at heart, it was set that their first production bike will be a hardtail mountain bike. A hardtail which can go uphill as well as bomb downhill.A bike which could handle 3 Hour climbs and then allow the rider to jump down cliffs and blaze off steep chutes. A bike which would fire-up the trails the moment you hit dirt. A “do it all” hardtail which is light yet stiff while still capable of taking the edge off the rough terrain.

The name FURAN itself is interesting as it is innovative. It came about during an afternoon brainstorming. “We came across the chemical FURAN, which had some interesting characteristics that caught our attention! Furan is a colorless, flammable, highly volatile liquid with a boiling point close to room temperature. It is soluble in common organic solvents, including alcohol, ether, and acetone, and is slightly soluble in water. Furan is used as a starting point to other specialty chemicals.What better name for our first production bike which can take on any terrain, glides under the radar and is built to accelerate the fun on trails! – FURAN”

On the design board, the team narrowed down the numbers and created its first prototype. After almost a year of real world testing by the team riders and tweaking the geometry and build, they finalized the Furan’s version you see today.

The team went for an innovative crowd-funding route to raise funds besides some support from the cycling community and a few investors for funding the project. They decided to run6000 series aluminum hydro formed tubes to create the Furan’s chassis. While trying ways to manufacture the Furan in Pune, the team son realized that the volume and quality they were looking at would simply not afford them the scale benefits in India for now. The team eventually turned to China to source  and collaborated with an established unit that welds our frames under its  strict quality standards

The current production Furan includes all the details that makes it a durable, strong trail hardtail of international standards. Tapered head tube, internal cable routing, a compact rear end with wider bottom bracket for stability. Extended top tube length, slack head angle combined with a short stem and riser bars, 120mm suspension fork to get the rider through gnarly, steep terrain. Maintaining a core chassis on the Furan we are offering the complete bike in three build options. A Shimano groupset for beginners (Rs.36,000/-), one for the intermediate (Rs52,000/-) level riders and another for the experts (Rs.1,10,000/-) who have advanced riding skills and like racing occasionally. There is also the ‘Frame only’ (Rs.25,000/-). Giving the riders liberty to build the way they wish. In January 2017, the team started assembling and shipping out the Furan from its Pune headquarters

“We have tied up with fine dealers in major cities who share the same ideas with us of giving riders the best riding experience. We have started getting more dealer enquiries from across the country looking for the Furan after they saw the product! We are currently in the process of securing our first overseas distributor too. We’ll keep you all updated on the progress as things start rolling on”

A team of athletes who are India’s top mountain and some North American riders that has given some valuable design inputs is currently pushing the Furan to its limits. With positive reviews by its customers about the bike’s ride quality and pricing the team at Psynyde hopes the FURAN will help them share the fun of riding

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