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As they say failure is part of the success story and an essential one at that. So are punctures an essential evil in every cyclists story. No matter how correct is the tyre pressure is or how good the road conditions are you are likely to experience a flat tyre sometime during your training ride or God forbid during your race.

Some basic things towards good health of your tyre recommended by the experts at CRANK, for that ‘hopefully’ puncture free ride.

Use tyres of correct TPI (threads per inch) according to your use. Tyres with higher thread counts usually have finer weaves that make them more flexible. Regular inspection of your tyres for cracks or correct pressure before the race is key to a good race experience and better speed on the bike

In case you have a flat, move away from the race or a busy route and find a relatively clean, uniform area. Quickly remove the affected wheel and remove tyre with the help of a tyre lever. Replace old tube with new tube after carefully inspecting the inner surface for any unevenness.  Be careful on pinch flats

giant-quick-fix-seat-bag-copy-204601-1Portable pumps come handy and every rider must carry portable pump with reading gauge, these days Co2 cartridge is a popular option and it comes with a handy adaptor and makes your job easier

Some of the other precautionary measures include tyre liner or converting your tyre into a tubeless version as alternate options or using a gel tube

Liners are made of durable, lightweight urethane, it acts as providing a protective layer between the outer tyre and inner tube. On the flip side, it can make your wheels little heavier but a very good option on training rides and off road ones

Tubeless tyre is on the other hand the next step with modifications required with a tubeless ready wheel set.  Tubeless-ready wheels have specific hooks on the rim to keep tyres in place, and are therefore less likely to pop off. Tubeless valve, Tubeless sealant, Tubeless specific tyre, Tyre levers and Floor pump – preferably a ‘Charge’ pump are other essentials

For rider extremely conscious about race time it is always better to include practicing fixing flats before actual event can help manage such unfortunate situations

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