Giant Starkenn Asian DH Trials

Gautam TaodeOn the 26th of April 2017, the Cycling Federation of India (CFI) organized a milestone event in partnership with Giant & Starkenn Bicycles. It was the first Downhill (DH) Racing event organized under the aegis of the CFI, by Giant Starkenn. The objective to select two of India’s best DH racers to represent India at the UCI Asian Continental DHI Championships 2017, scheduled for the 13th and 14th of May at Xuancheng, China.

20 of India’s best DH racers lined up at the start point and gave it their all on their two runs. The race was held at the community built, 700 mtrs, Mad Monkey track in Pune. This is a milestone here in India as this event was certified and timed by the Cycling Federation of India (CFI). And as with any partnership between the CFI and Starkenn, it gets bigger with each passing event.

Gautam Taode of Giant Starkenn India Off-Road team took top honors, with a time of 1min 15.06 seconds, followed by Piyush Chavan of SCOTT Sports India finishing with 1min 16.15 seconds. Effectively booking their berths at the UCI Asian Championships, this May in China.

The DH community here in India, is a small but a strong one, and this event is a step in the right direction in recognizing their pioneering efforts and providing them a platform they deserve. Events like these will help grow the community and uncover new talent, by making a viable sport to pursue. Starkenn is steadfast in its pursuit of developing the sport of cycling in India, and providing its awesome talent a platform to showcase their skills not only within the country but at the international stage as well. So here’s to building the sport one berm at a time.

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