BBCh CRIT 2017

Stay with the pack n go with the flowThe Bangalore bicycle championship a CRANK partnership calendar progresses and this time it was the criterium at a brand new location closer to Devanahalli on the outskirts of Bengaluru. It was a pleasant Sunday morning and as is the characteristic of this race the 130 participants across the 5 categories their friends and family gave it a carnival like feel. Since CRIT happens in an enclosed loop of road, it is great for audience particiaption as they can go around the course as the riders keep passing them. This year there was a substantial kids particpation. BBCh loves to encourage them and even this time there was special category for them not really a competetive segmet but just a group ride to encourage future ridrers

BBCh is fuelled by the cycling community of Bangalore and run by a set of volunteers. Continuing in the same spirit this CRIT course was discovered by Sunil N and curated by Naveen John Bangalores very own pro rider which offered an added  technical and competitive edge

The CRIT is all about crowd, crashes and corners and even this race saw all that and more. The track was flat but many curves some almost 90 degree  meant keeping the lines on curve was critical especailly during breakaways

The elite segment where team CICLO was an obvious favorite with Navin John mentoring and leading the others predicatably devoured the rest of the groups and ended with an exclusive podium. It was expected with two national level cyclists in him and Arvind Panwar. The masters saw team Spectrums Craig lead all the way in a less populated field, but the sparse particpation takes nothing away from our man whose standards scare even the elites. Samira Abraham took it way (quite literally in case of criterium) in the womens. The amatuers category with the max partcipation had the excitement of a prime lap prize that put many a strategies to test. Izak Spies the wiry South African was the first man rolling into the podium

The next is the DH race and if you guys are following BBCh closely go to their website and it will help you keep updated. Alternatively we at CRANK keep all the bbch news in any case

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