Hero Launches Lectro

logoLectro is the 1st in a series of Hero’s European brands to be launched in India; Set to Revolutionize the Electric Pedal Assisted Cycles Market.  The countries largest bicycle manufacturer Hero Cycles has ushered in a new era in the Indian bicycle industry with the launch of its new brand offering Lectro that promises to revolutionize the Electric Pedal assisted cycles (EPAC) segment in India. Lectro marks the first in a series of Hero’s European brand launches in Indian market.

With this new launch, Hero has taken the lead in the nascent EPAC category. The Brand, with 4 product offerings was launched in Hyderabad. Over the next few months, Hero Cycles will expand the offerings within Lectro from the current 4 products to as many as 20 in the EPAC category.

“EPAC is a nascent segment in the Indian bicycle market and has only recently started to gain attention among a select consumer base. However, this segment has a huge growth potential in the country as social consciousness grows about the need for reducing use of fossil fuel fired automobiles and turning to greener modes of transport. Lectro was designed and developed for the European market where EPAC’s are a major draw, with a consistent growth of over 25%. In India, Hero has taken the lead to build and create this category. With Lectro, we are aiming at bringing about a shift in the consumer behavior and give a boost to the EPAC segment,” said Mr Pankaj Munjal, Chairman and Managing Director of Hero Cycles.

Hero owned Lectro was first launched in Birmingham last year and was successfully showcased at the Eurobike 2016 held in Germany in September and a very encouraging response. The same was repeated in a limited test launch in New Delhi

“In many countries across Europe, a shift to cycling culture has helped radically bring down carbon emissions, and EPAC’s have played a prominent role in this. Cycling is one of the best cardio exercises for people of all age groups. It is one of the best exercises for good heart health, for controlling weight and for increasing the longevity and health of the bones.  It is not just a healthy way of commuting; it is also a highly environmental friendly mode of transport, especially suited to the needs of highly polluted urban centres. With EPAC, cycling for longer distances becomes highly viable and this can induce automobile users to turn to cycling in their daily lives,” added Mr. Munjal.

CRANK wishes the best to Hero and Lectro and eagerly looks forward to the EPAC revolution

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