Hutchinson Launch

Hutchinson Launch

20160528_143815Hutchinson one of the most preferred tyres amongst pro-riders across the world has being launched in India by TI cycles.   A French company founded in Langléé France in 1853 it designs & manufactures smart mobility solutions for applications on Land, Sea & Air. The company started producing bicycle tyres from 1890 an even today produces more than 60% of its tyres in their hi-tech facility in France. It spends more than 1000 Crores annually on the research & development of their products & has over 200 engineers.

Over the course of the 127 year history in the cycling business Hutchinson has won more than 24 Tour de France Titles, developed the first Road Tubeless Tyre & co-developed the first UST Tubeless Mountain bike System.

Hutchinson has introduced a fairly a big line-up for the Indian market. Specifically on the products, the Fusion series are famous for performance road biking and the Python is most reputed on the MTB circuit. Hutchinson designed the Sector 28 series for their pro teams, specifically for the prestigious Paris-Roubaix and the famous cobbled stone tracks. The tyre weighs just 295g for a tyre that is not just tough & light but most importantly comfortable.

The tubeless feature of this tyre eliminates the possibility of pinch flats & the Protect’Air MAX latex sealant required for this tyre is exceptionally light & it does a great job when it comes to sealing any holes in the tyres caused by the likes of thorns & glass. This tyre is an overall performer, developed for both gravel & pavement ride conditions & if you’re a rider looking for an ultra comfortable ride & is already on an existing 28mm tyre or looking to change to one, we’d say this would be the ultimate pick

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