Not just Astanga, Dasara & Mysuru Pak

Wheel culture in the culture capital

Mysuru PalaceMysuru, the culture capital of Karnataka with its magnificent palace and beautiful gardens is now singing a different tune or should we say spinning a different wheel. The city is witnessing the rise of a new culture, something that’s making its denizens healthier and the environment cleaner. The city is falling in love with two wheels and the pedal

And its not a passing fad, with a number of stores selling the best in class equipment and groups and clubs getting formed, the city is on the fringe of a major cycle revolution. Be it for commute or as an initiative to reduce fuel consumption or just to stay fit, Mysoreans are answering the call of the cycle with élan

The rise of cycling has given rise to cycling communities with varying tastes. Some exploring new trails in the lush green forests around the city and others ridng up their favourite Chamundi hills. The trails in the hills sorrounding the city and roadies racing along the Ring Road is a common sight. Many of the city riders are competetive cyclists who have achieved colors on the amateur circuits and completed brevets

Not just competitive cycling, Mysuru is perhaps the first city with an organized public bike share program “TrinTrin” operated by Green Wheel Ride, a local enterprise engaged in manufacturing eco-friendly battery-operated bicycles

The Mysore Cycling Club and the Mysore District Cycling association are the two registered cycling clubs in the city with a growing membership. The club organizes brevets and amatuer championships routinely and helps the community grow

Image courtesy : Gitesh Gupta Image courtesy : Gitesh Gupta
Image courtesy : Gitesh Gupta Image courtesy : Gitesh Gupta

There are many bike stores in the city that whet the apetite of the city riders and provide the best retail  experience. CRANK caught up with one such store Cyclopedia run by the elite cycling couple, Lokesh Narasimhachar and his wife Fariyal Jamadar. The store adds to the cycling culture of the city by organising multi stage rides. Sufferest is their signature rides conducted every year and which includes the brutal kalahatti climb upto Ooty and that gives the locals a taste of competetion

The expat population of the city, most who are visitors come to learn Yoga at the many ashrams are often seen on their bikes and give that cosmopolitan International flavor to the city.  One such interesting personality is Mark Flynt a Yoga afficianado who has started a venture engaged in the manufacture of pollution masks for riders

The government and the local governing bodies are also supportive of cycling in the city. The public bike share is in fact a state government of Karnataka project, partially funded by the World Bank under the Global Environment Facility (GEF) grant. The project is planned and implemented by the Directorate of Urban Land Transport and Mysuru City Corporation and maintains 52 hubs and 450 bicycles to ride across the town from conveniently located docking stations

So when in Mysuru next get that cultrure fix around time on two wheels…and don’t forget to dig into that yummy ghee oozing Mysuru Pak… and don’t worry you will burn all the fat before you know it… on your bike….

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