Great Himalayan Challenge

Ali_Maher for Women in TriAaTriathlon a multi sport endurance activity, which involves Swimming (3.8 Kms), Cycling (180 Kms) and Running (42Kms) is picking up globally as a lifestyle sport. Individuals of all walks of life are embracing it as an endurance challenge that tests their willpower and their persistence. It is very heartening to see a growing tribe of women take up Triathlon and inspire many around them to adopt a fitter lifestyle

“Women in Triathlon” (WiT) is an initiative promoted by YOSCA & supported by CRANK to INSPIRE more women to take up triathlon, to ENABLE more women to fulfill their triathlon goals and to CELEBRATE achievements of women in triathlon.

The initiative will be kick started with a knowledge sharing session on 24- Jun-2017 with Alison Maher (Ali) in Bangalore.

Ali is a passionate Triathlete, runner and coach based in Brisbane, Australia. She juggles a busy career as the Asia Pacific Senior Tax Manager for a US Corporation and her passion to inspire others particularly women to compete in the sport of triathlon. Ali has been coaching sports for over 15 years, starting with field hockey, running and has recently been certified as a TRIATHLON AUSTRALIA Accredited Development Coach. She has competed at the Ironman World Championship in Kona in 2016 after qualifying at Ironman Zurich.  Ali competed amongst the world’s best and finished in the top 50 females overall (6th in her category)

If you ladies want some tips from Ali log into and be there

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